Well Hello There!

Keep reading for a wee peek at what’s on offer –  there’s more by the day…

If you’ve been misdirected by your search engine – its fault, not mine, so don’t whinge

What’s on offer:

  • Two huge interview-based features from Volume Magazine’s Birmingham-centric Special: 360, an 8-piece ska/funk/punk/reggae band are on their way up after storming Glastonbury; Birmingham’s hip-hop scene is finally emerging from the shadows, retaking the crown of British Hip-Hop’s second city, and now hoping to challenge for first.
  • Examples of my work as a media coordinator/press officer for both Groundwork London, (an environmental regeneration charity), and the Political Studies Association (what it says on the tin)
  • A few local newspaper articles to show the fruits of my time at work experience
  • A spanking review of a selection of this year’s Festivals: the summer began in Europe with the Czech Republic’s Creamfields Central Europe; Cambridgeshire tries to hide the Secret Garden Party; London polishes its jewel in the crown with the Notting Hill Carnival
  • FABRICLIVE welcomes Roni Size and co to provide some brutal D&B licks – just another wander around EC1…
  • Reviews of London’s other top club nights for Data Transmission
  • An IBIZA Opening Party special: Space (1st June 12:00pm) and Circo Loco@DC10 (2nd June, 12:00) threw open their doors to begin the summer’s raving season. Space as always featured the biggest names: Fat Boy Slim, Groove Armada and Steve Lawler among them; while Circo Loco kicked it off with the same gang who tore the roof off last year’s closing: Tania Vulcano and Clive Henry returned alongside Romania’s banging contribution to the dance scene, ARPIAR (RPR – they’re just being clever) Soundsystem. Also loitering around the line-up will be Luciano and Mathias Tanzman, not exactly what one would refer to as ‘small fry’
  • Articles from last autumn in Barcelona for Barcelona-Connect, an English-language Magazine
  • Music: not quite a mix a week, although that was the original plan – slight problems with laziness/the pesky local bully’s just jabbed both my legs and arms with local anaesthetic

What’s to come:

  • Even more music artist reviews of up and coming names in the game, published by Volume Magazine
  • More articles from the days of work experience at local newspapers: The Camden New Journal, The Islington Tribune, The West End Extra, The Ham & High, The Ham & High Broadway, The Wood and Vale, and who knows which others?
  • More Data Transmission night reviews
  • A selection of semi-fictitious short stories… get some of those creative juices onto paper (yes, i know that’s what most blokes spend most days doing, but we’re talking about different creative juices, and A4 not tissue paper – or a sock in some people’s case. they will remain anonymous – for now)
  • Any other creativeness that is kind enough to dislodge itself from my self-conscious, float up to the the surface, bob around for a while, and wait for me to take note of it. At which point I’m hoping I will. And if not, you won’t see it on these pages. shame really.
  • Any other uncanny ideas I can persuade people to publish. Hopefully involving a trip to the Caribbean?

All comments welcome, as is debate (if we get some serious articles up)

Don’t forget to come back… I know where you and your gran live.



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