Posted by: pascoesabido | December 9, 2008

A bit of Guardian Football banter

Tottenham v Aston Villa – live!

Please refresh for the latest updates and share your pain, shame and lame gags with

82 min: Lots of blunt probing by Spurs ends when – guess what – Villa charge forward on the counter. Fortunately or the home side, Agbonlahor’s cross to Ashley Young was fractionally too long. “As an Arsenal fan, I can tell you that Spurs once upon a time induced fits of rage and emotional rollercoasters, but their fall into mediocrity left me emotionally barren,” says Pascoe Sabido, while reclining on the couch. “There’s no venom, just perhaps a touch of pity. But this! This is like the birth of that child I never had! the joy! Firmly bottom and losing again – I would have had to pay for years of therapy to uncover those long-lost emotions. Even when we had to rely on a band of dodgy East London caterers, there was no real fear – it was Spurs! But if they fall from grace as spectacularly as QPR did in 746, I may even become a Jehovah’s witness – there is a god and I want you all to share him with me.”

I just felt so proud that my only rambling comment made it up there, i had to share it with the world…x


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