Posted by: pascoesabido | October 29, 2008

Camille Spoils Camden’s Roundhouse

Camille @ Camden Roundhouse,  19/10/2008 published in the Ham & High 29/10/2008

Camden’s Roundhouse was treated last Sunday as French singer Camille, supported by her seven-strong team, wowed the audience with their seemingly never-ending show.

Tracks came from the one-time politics student’s most recent release Music Hole, as well as the more recognised 2005 award-winning concept album Le Fil, including Au Port or the classic Ta Doleur, which was saved for the first encore and met with rapture.

The night was an exhibition of not only music but the wonderful ways in which the human body can make it.

Four backing singers-cum-percussionists stomped, kicked, clapped and clicked a rhythm while the inventive singer accompanied her angelic voice with sounds reminiscent of a nocturnal jungle to give that extra dimension.

A grand piano was the only instrument permitted, providing backing to some of Music Hole‘s hits like Cats and Dogs (for which Camille got the audience meowing and woofing) and Money Note.

All other required sounds were filled in by the talented pair of beatboxers – one of whom, Sly, is a member of legendary French hip-hoppers Saїan Supa Crew.

Who needs instruments anyway?

Three encores later, including an appearance of sparkly spandex trousers and a spontaneous cameo by pianist Jamie Cullum, the 30-year-old poptress finally bowed out.

As a performance it was inventive, unorthodox, and definitely memorable.

Perhaps limiting the encores would have stopped the gloss coming off the performance, but you couldn’t help but smile at the spangley spandex and 80s disco dancing in the second encore.


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