Posted by: pascoesabido | September 29, 2008

Druids gather on the hill for annual equinox festival
26 September 2008 Published in the Wood and Vale by Pascoe SabidoTHE sun momentarily shone on the autumn equinox this week – as Druids descended on Primrose Hill for the age-old festival.

Dozens of Druids dressed in white gowns and head-dresses congregated on the hill on Monday to mark the equinox – when day and night are the same length of time.

“The autumn equinox takes us from the light half to the dark half of the year,” said Emma Restall Orr, head of the Druid Network.

“These seasonal festivals allow us to pause for a moment and honour our harvest and the abundance of rich gifts this world has given us.

“There is also a collection for charity offering to share our harvest with those who are less fortunate.”

The practice of observing the autumn and spring equinox, as well as the summer and winter solstice, began in the 18th century during the great Druidic revival in response to the destruction of natural beauty by the industrial revolution. The rituals mirror those of the ancient Druids, the Celtic priests who ruled Western Europe and were eventually suppressed by the Romans.

Pictures by Nigel Sutton


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