Posted by: pascoesabido | September 12, 2008

Time team aim to uncover medieval history of Fields

Photo taken by me

by PASCOE SABIDO 12/09/2008 – Published in the West End Extra [see original article]

LUNCHTIME regulars at Holborn’s Lincoln’s Inn Fields this week were in for a shock as a Channel 4 time team, led by Tony Robinson and Dr Phil Harding, had dug a series of trenches through the normally busy park. The dig, part of the new Time Team series, which is due to be shown early next year, aimed to discover not only the origins of Lincoln’s Inn, one of only four Inns of court that date back to the medieval period, but also the missing historical link between Roman London and Saxon London. The Romans built their capital in what is now the City, whilst the Saxons, 200 years later, chose the site now occupied by Covent Garden. Lincoln’s Inn Fields is located between the two areas, and therefore in the perfect position to solve the mystery of London’s missing centuries. Whilst digging the 1.2 metre-deep trenches, archaeologist Headley Swain also hopes to uncover another exciting find. He said: “After the Great Fire of London, a lot of people squatted or camped on the  fields, so there is a great opportunity to find out more.”


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